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We are certified in Prince2, Scrum, PMP, CMMI and IPMA

Using the latest Project Management methods, tailored to your Project or Programme, our experienced and certified Project Managers are ready to help you lay the foundation for your next Project or Programme and take it all the way to completion. We can also step in as Assistant Project Managers when complexity grows or take over to “course correct” whenever you need.

Flexibility and scaleability in your Project is vital to its success. That is why we offer Project Managers trained in Prince2, PMP, Agile, Scrum, IPMA and more. Whatever method your organisation prefer, we can deliver the right Project Manager for it. We are familiar with most modern Project Management Tools, among our own favourites are Jira and Microsoft Project.

Our three Project “T’s”

Timely is the codeword for performing the right actions at the right time. Our Project Managers are expertly trained in timely management of resources, communication, vendors etc.

We believe in transparency. In our work we strive for openness towards stakeholders and participants, to ensure everyone understand what we are doing and why.
In our interactions with the world we are a part of, wether that being a customer or an authority, we believe in a transparent way of doing business.

Relying on an external partner like us, shall not feel like a gamble. It shall bring peace of mind. Thus we do what we say and we say what we do. While things rapidly change in a Project, it is a core value for our Project Managers to build trustful relations with every stakeholder, from the CTO over the Vendor to the End User. Trust eliminates unpleasant uncertainty when things change.

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