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Surely your company is compliant, right? Don’t worry, we will get you there if not. We’re ITIL certified.

Industry Standard Processes evolve and so does the needs of your Business. Legislation and other outside factors contribute to the complexity of ensuring the right Processes are in place. Whenever a Change happen or a Project is implemented, it will affect your business and the way Processes must be carried out.

Smooth, effective Processes are the shortcut to Lean and Agile Operations, ensuring the continuation of business and saving time, money and resources. Our Process Specialists are updated and certified in the latest Industry Standards like ITIL and CompTia, along with other relevant methodologies.

We undertake audits of your existing processes to ensure they are working and are not processes in name only. We measure them against Industry Standards and deliver reports on the state of them, along with improvement suggestions.

We help you design new processes right from the groundwork of a flow to the implementation with your tools and we offer Knowledge Base advisory and management.

The triangle of tranquility…

Process triangle
Peace of mind is when you have all layers of your documentation in place

Processes is the “why?” of any operation. It needs to answer the basic intent of what needs to be achieved with implementing it. It is more than a fancy flow chart, stowed away in a Knowledge Base for auditors to look at.
Our Process Experts will help you ask the “why” and ensure the process becomes a live factor, not just a process in name only.

Standard Operating Procedures are the “what?” of Operations. What needs to happen? In which system? At which event? SOPs guide Operations in understanding the full complexity of the task at hand.

SOPs are used by Team Managers or Architects to determine the need for Work Instructions and they act as the go-between of Processes and said Work Instructions.

Often overlooked in the hasty life of Operations, we at Avaraq know the vital importance of having these in place, to help ensure smooth operations.

Work Instructions are the “how?” of Operations. Work Instructions are system specific and ensures that anyone can pick up on a task with relative ease and a minimum of instruction. Work Instructions are in constant need of attention and updating, as systems change, new systems are introduced, processes overall change etc.

We offer to help write, test, implement and update Work Instructions to ensure you don’t have to worry about Operations no matter if it is in house or outsourced.

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